Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something Evil's Lurking in The Dark

It's Going to Be a Diller Halloween Night This Evening

Actually, the original "Thriller" music video is 13 minutes long. (You can watch the whole 13 minute segment at ) In the video, MJ does choreographed dance moves with zombies. He mutates from a school boy into both a zombie and a werecat. What is a werecat? According to wikipedia, a werecat is creature in folklore that is a shape shifter similiar to a werewolf. It is important to note that a werecat seems to have feline characteristics rather that dog like characteristics like werewolves. Rick Baker, Michael Jackson's makeup artist for the Thriller video, described MJ as a "Cat Monster."

MJ used grape jelly for the gory effects in the Thriller video. Apparently, MJ wasn't scaring anyone on the Thriller video set. In fact, the dancers in the video, aka the zombie chorus, demanded higher pay for their dancing skills and almost went on strike; tensions arose when dancers complained of leg pain from dancing on hard cement in specific shoes given to them by the Thriller video producers. In music videos, do dancers normally dance on rubber floors to avoid leg pain?

Halloween is about scary things- witches, zombies and the dead, to name a few. So Scary Halloween Question: Do you remember the first time you had sexual relations with another person? Losing your virginity can be scary. But Betty Wright isn't afraid of anything....

Using Betty Wright's hook from "Tonight is the Night", Sheek Louch doesn't appear to be afraid of boring and lame players and shorties in the club. He exclaims, "Anyway, I'm trying to see who else is here/ I see shorties staring at me way over there/ I'm sorry baby girl, but I just got to disapear / because I/" and it cuts to a Betty Wright sample, "I just can't keep still"

But Perhaps Sheek Louch can't keep still because the Candyman is on the prowl. Using Wright's hook from ""Tonight is the Night" the Candyman, in the opening line of "Knockin Boots", proclaims that he is on the PROWL.

Although the Candyman seems harmless in the above music video, you should be afraid of the the Candyman!!!

The urban legend in the movies goes as follows: A son of slave had a love affair with the (white) daughter of a plantation owner. As a result, he was brutally tortured and murdered for his love affair with a white woman.

According to the movie, if you say Candyman five times in a row, in front of your bathroom mirror, the crazy psychopath spririt/monster/beast/monster beast appears tries to kill you!





Say it the fifth time! double dare you!

Remember to check your Halloween candy for razors!

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