Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gambling On a River Boat Casino: Let's Do It!

Have you ever gambled on a river boat casino? Have you ever considered gambling on a river boat casino? Have you ever fantasized about gambling on a river boat casino?

Apparently, lots of people gamble on river boat casinos.

So what provokes people to build new river boat casinos? What provokes people to want to gamble on a river boat casino? According to the video above, in 1989, Bettendorf, IA became the first modern city to legalize river boat gambling.

Then the maritime gaming industry exploded; 6 states issued over 100 riverboat gambling licenses were issued along the Mississippi river.

Making hundreds of gambling boats, shipyards across USA scrambled to meet the demand.

Over the next years, from 1989-1995 the riverboat gambling industry exploded; the river boat gambling industry couldn't keep up with the public demand.

Riverboat Casinos generated billions of dollars in revenue. The video claims that "State and Local governments were HIGHLY motivated to help casino operators to meet the public's demand."

Even after local and state governments helped the casino river boat operators, the public demand to gamble on a river exceed the capacity of the river boat casinos.

The video claims that each river boat casino boat could on average, had the capacity to hold 2500- 3000 people.

So, apparently, in the mid 1990s, thousands of people were gambling on river boat casinos.

What were these people thinking? Apparently, thousands of people wanted to take a gamble on a river boat. Someone woke up in the mourning and said to his or her friend, "Hey, I want to gamble on a river boat in the Mississippi." And the person's friend responded, "Let's do it, there's nothing to it!"

Perhaps the thousands of people that decided to take a gamble on a river boat casino listened to this song and felt inspired:

So, take a risk, take a gamble and click on the song.

On Nov. 4, 2008, Americans took a serious gamble by going to the polls and casting their ballots for Barack Obama. American voters made a good decision; America needs to take a gamble on governing. All the old ways of doing things don't appear to be working. Public schools in the US are falling apart. 1 in 4 bridges in USA is likely to collapse in the next 10 years. Most people don't have health insurance, and if a person does have health insurance, the coverage is shitty and a person ends up paying mad, crazy cash for their doctor visits and medicine. And in case you didn't know, apparently America is in the midst of some sort of economic depression; many many analysts claim that the current economic situation in the USA is worse than the 1929 "Great" Depression.

It appears that Barack Obama has a lot to fix; all eyes seem to be on him. Sure, the entertainment television media is reporting that
Ted Stevens is out of office (thank god. the staff at is sleepin' easier at night). Hillary Clinton is probably going to secretary of state (Two for the price of one?! Does that mean that Billy Bob wll accompany her on state business?). And the democrat leadership forgave crazy kook Joe Lieberman for supporting John McCain and allowed him to maintain his senate leadership positions. These things are merely distractions.

Perhaps rather than looking to Washington DC and Barack Obama for solutions to our public problems, we as Americans ought to look to ourselves for solutions. Take a gamble like those thousands of people that took a gamble on a river boat cruise in the 1990s. Go out and take a walk around your local community. What public problems do you see? assures you that there are many things that you can personally do to ameliorate the local problems that you see. It can be something simple, like recycling your plastic bottles, or it could be something more substantial, like running for a position on the local school board.

Seriously. Stop blaming the Bush administration and the democratic party for you current problems. The federal government is unlikely to find a solution to your personal problem, mostly because the federal government was designed by the founding fathers to move and change slowly. In this modern age, it is almost impossible for the federal government to keep up with the public demands' and the public problems at hand.

So, if you want change, (and America voted for change by electing Barack Obama into the white house), you have to make changes in your own life and in your own community. You can live out your fantasies if you're willing to do the work to make them happen.

We can learn a lot from the river boat gambling industry. People working together created and built hundreds of floating river boat casinos in the 1990s. Thousands of people came out to gamble and have a good time on those river boats. So, if Americans found a way to gamble on a river, Americans are surely smart enough to fix the government and do something about solving our some of our public problems....

But really, take a gamble on living out your fantazies. Just do it. You should go to the river, because everyone should make some gambles and take some gambles. Maybe Al Green can take us all to the river...

Anyone want to buy a river boat casino?!

Lets buy this river boat, (

Take a gamble together and float down stream somewhere a sunny...

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Yeah! do it yourself! I want to gamble in the upper atmosphere!